2001 Sea Shell Searchers Shell Show Sequel Scenes

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 Shell Show setup Gene and Dave swap exhibit tips Judging



 Supper Scene Supper Scene  Awards Presentation Team



 Awards & Ribbons  Supper Scene  Supper Scene



 Supper Scene  Judge Emilio Garcia Judge Barbara Feiner




 Beanie Judge's Ribbon

Darwin Alder

Artistic Judge's Ribbon

Rusti Stover

Judge's Ribbon Winner

Michael Neuffer




 Judge's Ribbon Winner

Dean & Cliff Harris

 Favorite Beachcomber Item

Rusti Stover

Proud Mama- Mother of Youth

winner Stepahanie Coker




 Largest Shell Winner

Dean & Cliff Harris

Best of the Caribbean

Rose Marie Neuffer

Best of Texas

Roe Davenport




 Shell of the Show Self Collected

Ted & Ellen Strasser

Proud Papa -Shell of the Show

Stephanie Coker

Mildred Tate Gulf of Mexico

Janey Nill




 COA Winner

Gene Everson

DuPont Winner

Rose Marie Neuffer

Smallest Shell

Leslie Crnkovic



 Shell Show Scene  Escaping Snails  Buying frenzy


 Divine Originals

Kay Klaus

 Hawaiian Specimen Shells

Chris Takahashi

 Showcase Shells

Al & Bev Deynzer



Judge Chris Takahashi Mildred Tate Award Winner Cephalopods




 Youth award winner

Stephanie Coker

 Winning Youth Exhibit  Dead Snails Leave No Trails



 Shell Shack Dragon the Sea Bed Beanie Under the Sea Beanie award



 Genus Morum exhibit Latiaxis santacruzensis Shell of the Show



 Lambis part of COA winner  Best of the Carribean  Big Winners



 South Seas  Lunch  Shell Show Scene



 Smallest Shell  Biggest Shell  Shell Flowers

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