2002 Sea Shell Searchers Shell Show Second Sequel Scenes

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 I wish I hadn't written all this in Spanish.  One more turn...
 I can't wait till you are setup...  Stupid rocks won't stay in place...
 Judge Wayne hard at work..  Waiting
 Lovely table decorations  More waiting
 and more  and more
 Dessert is ready  Say a prayer and then run to be first.
 Wait in line now  Oh, he's going to speak now.
 Judge Bob Lipe Judge Wayne Harland
  Darwin Alder -Jose Maria y tus Hijos
 First Place Ribbon Winners  
 Steven Coker -Volutes of the World  First Place -Patty Humbird -Genus Chicoreus
 Cliff Harris -Growth Series of Triton Trumpet  Steven Coker -Cancellaria rosewateri
 Pat Blaikie -Where Do They Live  Janey Nill -Reefs of the Gulf
 Gene Everson -Shells of the Central & Tropical West Pacific self collected  Angela Doucette -Orange Sherbert
 Lucy Clampit -Aporrhais- The Pelican's Foot  Leslie Crnkovic -The Athleta petrosa Complex Texas
 Ann Wykowski -Amazing Sea Creatures  Rusti Stover -Bottled Beaches
 Gwendolyn Furlough -Texas Shells  First Place -Gene Everson -Painting
 First Place -Gene Everson -Carved Chank Shell  Cathy Betley -Yikes-There's a New Kid on the Reef
 First Place -Janey Nill -Neptune's Clinic  Beanie Baby Trophy -Janey Nill -Neptune's Clinic
Beachcomber Item -Dean Harris -Sole that went to Shell  Smallest Shell -Janey Nill -Epitonium
 Largest Shell -Darwin Alder -Horse Conch  Best of Texas -Darwin Alder - Amaea mitchelli
 Best of Caribbean -Janey Nill -Paradise Found  Shell of the Show self collected -Gene Everson -Conus marielae
 Shell of the Show any source -Steven Coker -Cancellaria rosewateri  Junior Trophy -Gwendolyn Furlough- Texas Shells
 Mildred Tate Gulf of Mexico -Janey Nill -Gulf Reef  COA Award -Steven Coker -Volutes of the World
 DuPont Trophy -Gene Everson -Central & Tropical West Pacific  Judge Ribbon Bob Lipe -Patty Humbird -Anomalie
 Judge Ribbon Wayne Harland -Karen Couch -Shells of South Africa  
 Stop me if you have heard this one...  Soft drink?
 Take two from this sack and one from...  Do I get a dealer's discount?
 Got to look quick before Bob gets it  Karen and her turtle
 They just go on forever  I use this one to get the darker red color
  Saturday Soup Spirits & Sweets Social   Saturday Soup Spirits & Sweets Social
  Saturday Soup Spirits & Sweets Social   Saturday Soup Spirits & Sweets Social

 Community Outreach Booths
 Sea Shell Searcher Craft demo table Brazosport Museum of Natural Science
 Brazoria Wildlife Refuge  Brazoria County Parks Department
 Rusti's Mini Shell Show  

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Lake Jackson
 Kay & Del Klaus  Showcase Shells- AL & Bev Deynzer
   Chris Takahashi
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