2002 Sea Shell Searchers Shell Show Second Sequel Synopsis

Category 1 One Family Regional First Place -Darwin Alder -Jose Maria y tus Hijos Category 1 One Family Worldwide Second Place -Wayne Humbird -Family Tonnidae First Place -Steven Coker -Volutes of the World Category 2 Worldwide Third Place -Cliff Harris -Triton Trumpet Second Place -Lucy Clampit -Tibia First Place -Patty Humbird -Genus Chicoreus Category 3 One Species Third Place -Karen Couch -Variations of the Gold-ringer Cowrie Second Place -Cathy Betley -Xenophora pallidula Carrier Extraordinaire First Place -Cliff Harris -Growth Series of Triton Trumpet Category 4 Single Species Third Place -Janey Nill -Oocorys Second Place -Gene Everson -Chicoreus subpalmatus First Place -Steven Coker -Cancellaria rosewateri Category 5 Texas Second Place -Darwin Alder -Lone Stars of Texas Beaches First Place -Pat Blaikie -Where Do They Live Category 6 Gulf of Mexico First Place -Janey Nill -Reefs of the Gulf Category 7 Regional Third Place -Janey Nill -Paradise Found Second Place -Karen Couch -Shells of Southern Africa First Place -Gene Everson -Shells of the Central & Tropical West Pacific self collected Category 8 Worldwide First Place -Angela Doucette -Orange Sherbert Category 9 Educational Third Place -Darwin Alder -A Lesson in Anatomy & Structure Second Place -Mary & Dennis Harris -Ocean Creatures Live in Beauty & Color First Place -Lucy Clampit -Aporrhais- The Pelican's Foot Category 10 Fossils Third Place -Patty Humbird -Florida Fossils Second Place -Karen Couch -Fossil Echinoderms First Place -Leslie Crnkovic -The Athleta petrosa Complex in Texas Category 12 Marine Life First Place -Ann Wykowski -Amazing Sea Creatures Category 13 Beachcomber Third Place -Dean Harris -Another Sole went to Shell Second Place -Jean Roe -The Drifters First Place -Rusti Stover -Bottled Beaches Category 14 Shell Art Self Made Third place -Darwin Alder -The Texas Hooker Second place -Mary Harris -Murex pecten First place -Cile Ramey -Radiograph of shell Category 14 Shell Art Non Self Made Third Place -Rusti Stover -French Shell Print Second Place -Leslie Crnkovic -17th Century Shell Book Plates First Place -Gene Everson -Painting Category 15 Shell Craft Self Made Third Place -Cile Ramey -Shell Mirror Second Place -Rusti Stover -Mini Shell Show First Place -Jo Tirrell -Avian Fantasy Category 15 Shell Craft Not Self Made Third Place -George Blaikie -Cross Second Place -Dean Harris -Sailor's Valentine First Place -Gene Everson -Carved Chank Shell Category 16 Beanie Babies Natural Third Place -Darwin Alder -Hermit Crabcisco Second Place -Rusti Stover -Caught in a Red Tide First Place -Cathy Betley -Yikes-There's a New Kid on the Reef Category 16 Beanie Babies Disguised Third Place -Patty Humbird -Newsflash Second Place -Leslie Crnkovic -The Stetson Bank Robbery First Place -Janey Nill -Neptune's Clinic Category 17 Junior First Place -Gwendolyn Furlough -Texas Shells Special Awards Beachcomber Item -Dean Harris -Sole that went to Shell Smallest Shell -Janey Nill -Epitonium Largest Shell -Darwin Alder -Horse Conch Beanie Baby Trophy -Janey Nill -Neptune's Clinic Best of Texas -Darwin Alder -Amaea mitchelli Best of Caribbean -Janey Nill -Paradise Found Junior Trophy -Gwendolyn Furlough -Texas Shells Shell of the Show self collected -Gene Everson -Conus marielae Shell of the Show any source -Steven Coker -Cancellaria rosewateri Judge's Ribbon Dot Salisbury -Jo Tirrell -Avian Fantasy Judge's Ribbon Bob Lipe -Patty Humbird -Anomalie Judge's Ribbon Wayne Harland -Karen Couch -Shells of South Africa Peoples' Choice Saturday- Rusti Stover- Mini Shell Show Peoples' Choice Sunday- Cliff Harris- Triton Growth Series Mildred Tate Gulf of Mexico -Janey Nill -Gulf Reef COA Award -Steven Coker -Volutes of the World DuPont Trophy -Gene Everson -Central & Tropical West Pacific