2005 Sea Shell Searchers Shell Show Synopsis

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Category place Category Name Title of Exhibit First Name Last Name
2b 1 One Minor Family: Worldwide Bursidae - The Frog Shells Janey Nill
2b 2 One Minor Family: Worldwide Paper Argonaut Patty Humbird
3a 1 One Genus: Regional Oliva of the Americas: Western Shores Lucy Clampit
3a 2 One Genus: Regional Melo Yellow Steven Coker
3b 1 One Genus: Worldwide Fusinus Wayne Humbird
3b 2 One Genus: Worldwide Homalocantha Patty Humbird
3b 3 One Genus: Worldwide Harpa Steven Coker
4 1 One Species Voluta vespertillo Tina Petway
4 2 One Species Fancy Fronds Rusti Stover
4 3 One Species Bolinus brandaris Patty Humbird
4 One Species Kolorful Kaleidoscope Lucy Clampit
4 One Species The Imperial Volute Steven Coker
4 One Species Pecten glaber proteus Leslie Crnkovic
4 One Species Scallops Wayne Humbird
4 One Species Shark's Eye Growth Series Irene Norris
5 1 Single Specimen Cypraea cervus Frank Petway
5 2 Single Specimen Bathybembix humboldti Leslie Crnkovic
5 3 Single Specimen Catalina Trophon Patty Humbird
5 Single Specimen "Sunburst" Turbo Lucy Clampit
5 Single Specimen Festive Volute Steven Coker
5 Single Specimen Haliotis rubiginosa Stephanie Coker
5 Single Specimen Pleurotomaria teramachii Wayne Humbird
5 Single Specimen Epitoneum rugosum Janey Nill
5 Single Specimen Lion's Paw Tina Petway
6 1 Texas South Padre Island Irene Norris
8 1 Regional Republic of Panama Dean & Cliff Harris
8 2 Regional South Padre, Texas Janey Nill
8 3 Regional Miter Box Leslie Crnkovic
8 Regional A Plethora of Panamic Province "P" Populations Darwin Alder
9 1 WorldWide U.S. Shells on U.S. Stamps Rusti Stover
9 2 Worldwide Epitoniidae/Wentletraps Darwin Alder
9 3 Worldwide Glossus humas Leslie Crnkovic
10 1 Texas State Shell Evolution of the Texas State Shell Rusti Stover
10 2 Texas State Shell A State of Texas Shells Darwin Alder
11 1 Educational Murex vs Haustellum Patty Humbird
11 2 Educational The Color Purple Janey Nill
11 3 Educational Murex fulvescens Tina Petway
11 Educational An Alphabet of Shell Names, Morphology & Descriptions Darwin Alder
11 Educational Unique Shells Freida & Harold White
12 1 Fossils Columbarium Wayne Humbird
12 2 Fossil Ventrilia Rusti Stover
12 3 Fossil Epitonium Janey Nill
14 1 Marine Life Fire Coral on Bottles Dean Harris
14 2 Marine Life Marine Life Assortment R.L. Norris
14 3 Marine Life Hermit Crabs Patty Humbird
14 Marine Life Freak Starfish Rusti Stover
15 1 Beachcomber My Broken Shell Dean Harris
15 2 Beachcomber A Washed Up Christmas Jacob M. Bushen
17d 1 Shell Craft: Sailor's Valentines Sailor's Valentine Patty Humbird
17e 1 Shell Craft: Personal Accessories Jewelry Set Rusti Stover
17f 1 Shell Craft: Mirrors/Frames A Framed Sailor's Valentine Darwin Alder
17g 1 Shell Craft: Other Christmas Extravaganca Darwin Alder
17g 2 Shell Craft: Other Shell Shadow-box Table Rusti Stover
18 1 Shell Collectibles Shell Pottery Cathy Betley
18 2 Shell Collectibles My Dog MoJo Jacob M. Bushen
18 3 Shell Collectables Vintage Turbo Lamp Rusti Stover
18 4 Shell Collectables Needlework with Shelf Steven Coker
19a 1 Under the Sea Beanies: In Natural State Clap for a Surprise Janey Nill
19a 2 Under The Sea Beanie: In Natural State Halloween Midnight Buffet Rusti Stover
19a 3 Under The Sea Beanie: In Natural State "Phangs" Prowls the Pond Pursing Prey at the Derelict Derrick Darwin Alder
19b 1 Under The Sea Beanie: Cleverly Disguised Little Shop of Horrors Under The Sea Rusti Stover
20 1 Junior Barnacles Jacob M. Bushen
Trophy Winners 2005

TrophyTitle of ExhibitWinner
DupontBursidae - The Frog ShellsJaney Nill
largest shellMelo amphoraSteven Coker
COAGenus FusinusWayne Humbird
Judge's choiceFancy FrondsRusti Stover
shell of the show any sourceCypraea cervusFrank Petway
Pulley Texas AwardSouth Padre, TexasJaney Nill
smallest shellDiastoma variumJaney Nill
best of caribbeanMitra helenaeLeslie Crnkovic
Tate Award Gulf of MexicoAmaea mitchelliDarwin Alder
best of TexasEvolution of the Texas State ShellRusti Stover
Shell of the show self collectedStrombus gallusJaney Nill
judges choice scientificThe Color PurpleJaney Nill
best of classA Framed Sailor's ValentineDarwin Alder
Judge's choice artisticVintage Turbo LampRusti Stover
Beany BabyLittle Shop of Horrors Under The SeaRusti Stover
JuniorBarnaclesJacob M. Bushen