Sherry Shelton’s Portfolio

“I enjoy painting all subjects and in all mediums. The majority of my commissions are in oils and pastel, respectively. I am constantly asked which medium is my favorite. My answer is always the same, ‘The medium I am currently working in’. If I had to choose only one subject, one medium, it would have to be portraits in oil. Each one is the human subject, but each one has a different personality, different ‘feel’. I start all of my paintings with an abstract design and develop to the impressionistic stage and eventually to realism. I work on all elements of the composition simultaneously and the painting could be called finished at any stage. It is my goal to make all paintings as strong in design and art theory as possible and I work to make every portrait/painting a good painting as well as a good likeness of the sitter/subject matter. I try to make each and every painting speak to the viewer and make the strongest statement possible with the chosen subject and medium”.