Ever dream of being recognized for your artistic abilities or wanted one of your creations on display?? The Brazosport Center for the Arts and Sciences has an opportunity for you, your friends and family to show off original works of “shoe art”. It’s easy, inexpensive and could make your work of art immortal…or at least memorable for a year.

The Brazosport Center for the Arts and Sciences’ “CenterFest 2018” will host the second annual ‘Art March Parade’ on Saturday April 7, 2018 at 11:00 AM, outside the Center, located at 400 College Blvd. Clute, TX 77531. CenterFest 2018 happens April 6-8, 2018 and Saturday’s line-up will start with this event.
You may remember that last year’s ‘Parade’ drew dozens of participants who strutted the “runway” with their creations laced, buttoned, and buckled to their feet. Participants were  invited as guests on KHOU Channel 11’s “Great Day Houston” live television program. The winning entry from Lil’ Anna Klein is still on display inside the ticket lobby of the Center and the 2018 winner will be, too. It could be your “art shoes”, but you have to enter and be present to win.

The Art March Parade is Fun and Creative
The Art March Parade gives those who might not typically participate in an arts festival the opportunity to do so. No experience or training is necessary to come out and have fun. Just an old pair shoes and an idea of how to decorate them.

Center Stages performer and shoe goddess, Roxanne Strobel, will again act as chairperson for the Art March Parade. “The success and fun everyone enjoyed last year is what we are working to recreate, but with more entries,” Strobel told listeners during a recent interview. When asked about the need for any artistic capability, skill, or tools to enter the “Art March Parade” Strobel said, “a hot glue gun might be useful, but not really necessary. We want the Center and CenterFest to be inclusive and welcoming, regardless of anything else.”

CenterFest- The Center
400 College Blvd.
Clute, TX 77531