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Frequently Asked Questions about The Elizabethan Madrigal Feast

What can I expect?
Expect a professional quality performance, a delicious full meal and an experience you’ll never forget. Audience members are seated at tables that are basically on the stage. The meal is served in courses throughout the performance as part of the performance.

What do I wear?
Most people will wear what they might wear to the theater or church or a holiday party. Coats can be checked in the lobby. Costumes are definitely not necessary. We would hate to upstage our performers!

How long is the performance?
Anticipate at least two hours. Some performances run a little longer than that.

How old do you recommend a child to be to attend?
Children who are younger than school-age very likely will become bored and fidgety quickly. They will also probably not like the meal that is served. Children who are 8-years and older will probably enjoy it, depending on the child.

Are there ticket discounts for groups?
This is main fundraiser for The Center for the Arts and Sciences to allow the member groups to continue bringing fine art, science, astronomy, history and live theater to our community. In light of that, we do not discount tickets for groups, but strongly encourage them to attend.

Is the theater easily navigated by someone who is handicapped?
Yes! We pay special attention to those with special needs. Wheelchairs and walkers are easily accommodated.

Where do I park?
Parking is available in the small lots on both sides of The Center for the Arts and Sciences. Additional parking is also available in the adjoining lots at Brazosport College. Enter The Center from either the doors on the northwest or southeast side of the building.

Is the Elizabethan Madrigal Feast every year?
We all know you love the feast as much as we do however we do not put on EMF every year. This is due to the fact it takes about one year for The Center to orchestrate the entire event, all the way down to the last piece of paper you see. This also helps keep our feast fresh and new every time you see it.


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