The Society was founded in 1981 and is affiliated with the Brazosport Museum of Natural Science (BMNS). The Society works within the stated objectives, rules, and by-laws of the museum. The Society strives to:

To preserve and protect prehistoric and historic remains of the lower Brazos River region.
To educate its members and the general public in archaeological/ethnological fields-of-study.
To conduct archaeological excavations and research studies relative to the area.
To publish data obtained from its research studies and excavations.
To cooperate with other scientific institutions or organizations.

THE BRAZOSPORT ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCOCIETY invites YOU to join them in their study of the prehistory and history of the lower Brazos River region. The Society is a non-profit organization created to stimulate an active interest in the discovery, conservation, and salvage of archaeological sites, and the recording and preservation of archaeological remains using scientific procedures.

Regular meetings of the Society are held on the second Tuesday of each month, at the Brazosport Museum of Natural Science. The meetings begin at 7:30 P.M. Laboratory sessions, field trips, excavations, and surveys are as per schedules.

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