"The Meanderings of a Texas Fossil Hunter", by Dan Woehr (Currently diaries are in PDF format and can be quite large. Have patience.)
"August, 2012--Fossil Collecting Alert! click here for list.
In an effort to encourage young people to start or continue in the awesome hobby of 
fossil hunting, Dan has detailed a few classic Texas sites of various ages which should 
continue to produce for years to come. Feel free to visit them with friends and family."
A great place to learn about Fossil Hunting in Texas.
These newsletters are basically a summary of a dedicated fossil collector's adventures
and finds for almost every month of the year.  It is loaded with detailed pictures and 
great descriptions of the finds that he comes across. The collectors' name is Dan Woehr.
Dan has offered to share his findings and his love for fossil hunting and collecting with 
you. Through hard work and many hours of traveling, Dan has identified thousands of 
fossils across most of Texas that he hunts on a regular basis. 

Dan's original intent with the monthly newsletter was a way of record keeping for 
himself as well as a way to gain information about fossil sites with other serious fossil 
collectors. The intent is not so much to reveal specific locations to hunt as many are 
on private lands, but more importantly to educate others about the variety of what 
fossils thrived here many thousands and millions of years ago. Many of the youngest 
fossil finds are from the Pleistocene (Ice Age) era, when the Texas landscape was 
similar to what it is today. Then there are periods going back to the days of the 
dinosaurs when much of Texas was under water, and include a huge variety of fossil 
collecting from both land and sea creatures.

So….sit back and get ready to read and enjoy the information and pictures that Dan has 
to share with other fellow fossil collectors!  
Brian Miles, Curator of Paleontology, BMNS
Brazosport Museum of Natural Science Web Site

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