Sea Shell Searchers of Brazoria County, Texas

I. Membership

A. Classes of membership.

i. Individual- Any person who applies for and satisfies the requirement of membership.

ii. Family- All immediate family members who apply and satisfy the requirement of membership.

iii. Life Members- Any individuals elected as such by the membership.

iv. Honorary Members- Any one elected as such by the membership. This class is non-voting.

B. Qualifications

As stated in the constitution, membership is open to everyone. The process of becoming a member requires the filling out of the membership form and paying the appropriate fees.

C. Dues

The dues schedule is to be set by the Board of Officers with the approval of the club membership.

D. Voting Rights

Any adult member (18 years or older) whose name appears on the official club’s roster shall be entitled to cast a vote in a general membership vote. The class of honorary member is non-voting unless the member qualifies under another membership class.

II. Duties of Officers

A. President

The President shall preside over all meetings of the club and the Board of Officers. The President shall appoint all standing committee chairmen and will be an ex-facto member of each committee formed. The President shall perform such other duties as usually pertains to the office of President.

B. Vice President

The Vice President, in the absence of the President, shall preside at all meetings of the club and Board of Officers. The Vice President shall perform such other duties as usually pertains to the office of Vice President. The Vice President is also chairman of the program committee.

C. Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary shall record accurate minutes of the membership and Board of Officers meetings. The Recording Secretary shall maintain the club’s permanent records and prepare a copy of the minutes to be included in the club’s newsletter.

D. Corresponding Secretary

The Corresponding Secretary shall be the club’s official correspondent. The duties shall include handling of get-well and sympathy cards, flowers etc. as dictated by the club’s wishes. The Corresponding Secretary should also handle any public relations needs.

E. Treasurer

The Treasurer shall be responsible for all funds and securities of the club. The Treasurer shall make all payments as authorized by the Board of Officers. The Treasurer shall deposit all monies and keep all financial records of the club. The Treasurer shall prepare and adhere to an approved budget. The Treasurer shall prepare a final audit report for the end of the year to be placed in the club’s permanent records. The Treasurer will be responsible for submitting corporation papers to the state of Texas.

F. Board of Officers

The Board of Officers shall consist of the five elected officers. The Board shall be presided over by the President of the club.

III. Election of Officers

A. Election process

 Elections for new club officers will be held at the regularly scheduled May membership meeting.

 The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee a minimum of two months prior to the election meeting.

 The Nominating Committee shall be comprised of a minimum of 3 club members. They shall propose a slate of candidates for the annual election of officers.

 The Nominating Committee shall present the slate of nominations 4 weeks prior to the election meeting.

 Nominations will be accepted from the floor the night of elections.

B. Term of office

The term of office shall be from September 1 to August 31st, or until replaced.

C. Vacancies

Vacancies of any officer’s position shall be filled by election from the floor at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

D. Succession

The same individual shall not hold the office of President for more than three consecutive years.

The same individual shall not hold the office of Treasurer for more than three consecutive years.

IV. Meetings

A. Schedule

Regular membership meeting shall be held on the 1st Tuesday of each month unless canceled by previous actions of the club.

In the event that regular meetings are not held during the year, the two constitutionally required meetings shall be scheduled for the 1st Tuesday in May and in November.

Board of Officer meetings shall be held periodically to conduct the business of the club. The actions taken by the Board of Officers shall be reported to the membership by or at the next regularly scheduled general membership meeting.

B. Quorum

Five (5) voting members in good standing shall be considered a quorum at a regularly scheduled meeting of the club.

Three (3) officers shall be required to establish a quorum at a Board of Officers meeting.

C. Rules of Order

Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with good parliamentary practice. Robert’s Rules of Order (Newly revised) shall settle all questions not covered by the Constitution or Bylaws.

V. Standing Committees

Standing committee chairmen are to be appointed by the President. Special committees may be formed as dictated by the club or appointed by the President. Unless previously selected, each committee chairman shall recruit as many club members as needed to conduct the business of the committee. The chairman will be responsible for the conduction of the business of the committee. Each committee should submit a plan and budget for its purpose and abide by that budget. Standing committees should be selected and set up by the first meeting of the new club year.

A. Membership Committee

This committee shall be responsible for collecting dues and registering the membership. It should work with the Treasurer to ensure that all monies are properly secured. This committee is keeper of the official role of the club and shall provide a current roster to the newsletter editor. The membership committee is responsible to see that all members have a nametag and to publish a membership directory.

B. Field Trip Committee

This committee shall plan and organize field trips as requested by the club and its officers.

C. Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality committee shall coordinate the refreshments and food as required for the club membership meetings, as well as coordinate setup and cleanup.

D. Museum Study Project

The Museum Study project committee shall maintain the records of the study and be responsible for administering any of the needs of the study.

E. Newsletter Committee

The newsletter committee shall coordinate and publish the club’s newsletter in a timely manner. Minimum contents of the newsletter shall be the minutes of the previous club meetings.

F. Historian Committee

The Historian shall have the responsibility to maintain the history of the club. Collection and archiving of club events and documents are among the duties of the Historian committee.

G. Exhibit Committee

The Exhibit committee shall maintain the Sea Shell Searcher exhibits located through out the community.

H. Program Committee

The Vice President shall chair the program committee. The committee’s responsibility shall be to plan and acquire programs as needed for the general membership meetings.

I. Special Committees

Special committees shall be formed and created as needed. Their purpose will be to fulfill their charter as defined when created. Examples of special committees might be Junior Shell Club, Auction committee etc.

VI. Fiscal Policy

A. The fiscal year of the club shall run from September 1st to August 31st of the next year.

B. The Treasurer, President and Vice President shall be qualified as signatures for the club’s monies.

C. An annual budget shall be prepared by the Board of Officers and approved by the club membership.

D. The Board of Officers shall have a $250 limit on fiscal decisions reached by them. Fiscal decisions for more than $250 requires presenting the proposal to the general membership for approval.

E. All committees and special projects shall prepare a budget for approval by the Board of Officers or the club membership. All committees and projects shall prepare a closing report.


VII. Amendments to Bylaws

The bylaws shall be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) approval vote of the members present and voting. Notice of proposed changes shall be given to members at least one week preceding the meeting at which changes will be considered. Amendment of the bylaws shall require a two-thirds (2/3) approval of the members present and voting.

VIII. Dissolution

In the event that the club is dissolved, all remaining assets of the club after its debts are paid shall be donated to the Brazosport Museum of Natural Science.

Bylaws as amended May 6, 2003

Bylaws as amended Nov 4, 2003