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December 2006
President’s Message
At the December meeting we will have
our holiday social. Hope to see everyone
there and ready for a rousing game of
We still are planning the Jamboree to be
held in May. More information will be
available at the January meeting.
The COA committee has found a place
for the 2008 convention. It will be held
at the Crowne Plaza on the Riverwalk in
San Antonio.
Next meeting:
December 5, 2006, 7:00 pm
Program: Shelo
Food provided by:
Remember to bring a shell related
gift ($10-ish) to exchange if you plan
to play Shelo. As usual the
competition to win Shelo will be
Editor’s note: I am not
including tide charts. For
current charts see: 
Hmm, this new list from
Showcase Shells has just
what I need to fill the Sea
Shell Searchers Christmas
It says
Is  this shell 
    Is this shell 
A member of Pinidae
a. A True Angel Wing
A member of Pholadidae
b. Fallen Angel Wing
An Angel Wing
c. A Shelo gift
None of the above
d. Merry Christmas
Classified Section
If you have a COA
convention T-shirt which
you do not wear and would
like to give it to a good
cause, Patty and Wanda
are collecting them for a
future project.
December is Shel-o.
Bring the perfect shell-y
gift to exchange.
Wayne Humbird still has a
few spaces left in the
Jamboree auction. Please
help him fill those empty
CALL TO ORDER: The November 7, 2006 meeting of the Sea Shell Searchers was called to order by President
Steven Coker. 
SECRETARY’S REPORT: October minutes were approved as mailed out in the newsletter.
TREASURER’S REPORT: Patty Humbird reported a balance. 
Newsletter: Patty Humbird – If you are not receiving your newsletter, please contact Patty.
Field Trips: Darwin Alder – We will have the annual club’s Winter Party at Quintana beach on the last
weekend of February.  More information at later date.
Hospitality: Freida White – Will pass around list for refreshments, December is pot luck
Historian: Irene Norris – We have a scrapbook that is being worked on “hardly”.
Auction: Wayne Humbird – The auction will be held at the Jamboree May 07, and Wayne will take
Programs: Wanda Coker – The December meeting will be the clubs annual Christmas Party with a Pot
Luck Dinner provided by the club members.  SHELO will be played and gifts valued at around $10.00 will
be exchanged.  Each person who wishes to participate needs to bring a gift.                                               
February’s program will be given by club members, the McHuiston’s and Dave Barziza have agreed to do
a “Travelogue” program sometime in the future. 
Jamboree Report: Patty Humbird – May 4th & 5th, 2007, at the Center.
COA Report:  Wanda Coker – The 2008 COA will be held from Thursday, July 6th through Sunday, July
9th, at the Crowne Plaza in San Antonio.  All six of the Texas clubs are participating.   Wanda also
reported on the 2007 COA to be held in Portland, Oregon, at the end of July through August 5th.
The rental of a storage locker for Auction Item storage was discussed.
Wayne Humbird announced the winners for the Brazoria County Fair Shell Show.  He has available cases
for the coming year.
Memberships are now due.
Rusti Stover presented Darwin Alder with the Cross Word Puzzle Prize.
Dean Harris announced that the Sea Shell Searcher’s meeting was posted in The Facts Club Notes
Janey Nill announced that Noe Barerra and Fabio Martinson from the Texas A&M University in Corpus
Christi would be visiting the area to take pictures of shells at Janey’s home and at the Museum on
Thursday, November 16th, for the upcoming book of Texas Shells.
Darwin extended an invitation to the members to go to the Houston museum of Natural Science and view
the HCS Christmas Tree which will be set up November 30th and will be visible thru the first of the New
Wanda announced that Club T-Shirts are available.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: visitors were introduced 
ADJOURNMENT: Motion made by Cliff Harris, seconded by Frank Petway to adjourn. Motion passed.
PROGRAM: A beautiful slide show given by Jackie Reed.
Sea Shell Searchers of Brazoria County
400 College Blvd.
Clute, TX 77531