a publication of the Sea Shell Searchers of Brazoria County

March, 2004

The primary purpose of the Sea Shell Searchers of Brazoria County, a not for profit organization, is to provide educational opportunities for the scientific study and conservation of molluscs and other related fields.

Membership is open to everyone. See the club web page for details. Correspondence regarding the newsletter should be directed to Newsletter Editor, SSSBC, 400 College Dr, Clute Texas 77531. <>

Next meeting Mar 2nd 7:00 PM at Museum of Natural Science
Wayne & Steven will giva program in the Planetarium on "Shelling the Internet".

Mar 20th Houston Conchology Society Shell Auction at the HMNS

Minutes Feb 3, 2004

PROGRAM: Prior to the meeting Jackie and Mary Lou Reid gave programs on diving Komodo Island, Indonesia.

CALL TO ORDER: The February 3, 2004 meeting of the Sea Shell Searchers of Brazoria County was called to order by president Wanda Coker.

SECRETARYíS REPORT: Motion by Wayne Humbird, second by Frank Petway to accept minutes as mailed out in newsletter. Motion passed.

TREASURERíS REPORT: Wayne Humbird reported a balance of $7416.67.


  1. Membership: Steven Coker announced that directories are being passed out.
  2. Newsletter: let Wayne Humbird ( know if not getting your newsletter.
  3. Field Trips: Dean Harris reported that everyone had a good time in South Padre and Mexico.
  4. Hospitality: Freida White announced that for March Tina Petway and Janey Nill are scheduled to bring food.
  5. Publicity: Irene Norris reported that publicity was misdirected by The Facts.
  6. Auction: Wayne Humbird has tentatively scheduled the auction September 18.
  7. Program: Stephen Coker has suggestion for program. More information later.

FAVORITE SHELL: Tina Petway gave an instructional talk on Cones (Conus), Angela Doucet will give the talk next month


  1. Shell Show: Wanda Coker and Patty Humbird discussed the problems due to having the show during the Festival of Lights with Civic Center
  2. Sea Centerís Nature Day Celebration: let Patty Humbird know if interested in helping
  3. By-laws were changed in November


  1. Dean Harris made a motion that a committee be appointed to look into the possibility of our club hosting COA in 2006. Tina Petway seconded the motion. Motion passed. Wanda Coker, Dean Harris, Tina and Frank Petway. Lori Sipple, Rusti Stover and Darwin Alder volunteered to be on the committee.
  2. Nominating Committee: Cliff Harris, Rusti Stover and Janey Nill
  3. Club Brochures: Janey Nill will make new brochures.
  4. Kay Klaus needs 80 crucifix bones, let Dean Harris know if you have any for her.


  1. Saturday, February 14, Jo Tirrell will do a program on Sailorís Valentines at the Museum
  2. Wednesday, February 11, Martha Stewart will do a program on Sailorís Valentines
  3. Leslie Crnkovic went to shell shows in Florida, he won American Museum of Natural History award for his Compendium exhibit
  4. Houston Conchologist Society auction March 20, 10:00 a.m.-ish in the Houston Museum of Natural Science, parking may be a problem, get there before 9:00 a.m.
  5. Barzizaís Bay House Field Trip on March 6
  6. Donna Whitchurch is moving back to Oklahoma; she told the club good-bye.

ADJOURNMENT: Motion by Stephen Coker, second by Dave Barziza to adjourn. Motion passed.