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Committee Chairpersons 
Wayne Humbird
Dean Harris
Field Trips
Darwin Alder
Janey Nill
Freida White
Steven Coker
Museum Study Project
Roe Davenport
Newsletter Editor
Wanda Coker
Craig Latimer
Wanda Coker
Shell Show
Patty Humbird
  & Wanda Coker
The Sea Shell Searchers of Brazoria County
Brazosport Museum of Natural Science
Center for the Arts and Sciences
400 College Blvd., Clute, Texas  77531
Club Meetings:
1st Tuesday each month
September – May
Brazosport Museum of 
Natural Science
Individual $8.00
Family $10.00
Newsletter Editor:
Wanda Coker
332 Banyan
Lake Jackson, Texas  77566
E-Mail address:
The Searcher is issued monthly, September - May.    Arti-
cles, comments, and suggestions for publications are solic-
ited and should be sent to the editor.
Deadline for printing is the 15th of each month. 
Minutes of the November 2004 Meeting
CALL TO ORDER: The November 2, 2004 meeting of the Sea
Shell Searchers was called to order by President Steven Coker. 
SECRETARY’S REPORT: A motion was made by Cliff Harris,
and second by Mary Harris to accept minutes as reported in
newsletter. Motion passed.
Membership – Steven Coker – Dues are due. Directory should be
available at the December meeting.
Newsletter – Wanda Coker – Thanked Steven Coker for publish-
ing the November newsletter.
Field Trips – Darwin Alder –SSSBC field trip second weekend of
November to local beaches.  Meet at Surfside Jetty at 8:00am
and bring own lunch.  There is to be a -0.3 low tide at 9:55 am. 
The group will move up/down the beach and move to the bays
which the tide should be 3 hours behind.  More information in
the November newsletter.
Hospitality/Hostess – Freida White – December will be a covered
dish and everyone is to bring something to eat.  People need to
sign up to bring food to future meetings.  Tables were sit up for
eating and most members liked this arrangement.
Museum Study Project – Roe Davenport reported 3 new record
Historian – Janey Nill reports:  “Things have happened in the
Exhibits – Dean Harris reported that she has put an exhibit in one
of the Angleton Nursing Homes.
Publicity – Wanda Coker – no report
Auction – Wayne Humbird – not available
Program – Karen Latimer reported they were in process of arrang-
ing programs for the future meetings.
Shell show – Wanda Coker – gave a quick run-down of the soon
up-coming Shell Show to be held November 19, 20 & 21.
Club brochure: Janey Nill is still waiting on museum to finish
their brochure
COA committee report: no report
Club T-Shirt:  Frank Petway reported for Tina Petway that Tina
need the club to approve the color of the T-shirt and whether to
print in one color or multi-color.  Shirts will cost between $7.00
and $10.00 each.  The club agreed to print in multi-color on a
Teal colored shirt and that Tina was to use her judgment on the
exact colors.
Brazoria Co. Fair:  The results were published in the November
Plans for the December meeting:  will be a covered dish, SHELLO
will be played and exchange gifts to be between $10-$15.00
Dean announced that Jo Tirrell accidentally
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Membership Directories
I should have the membership direc-
tories completed and ready for distri-
bution at the December meeting.  I
will mail out the ones that do not at-
tend the meeting.  Please let me
know of any corrections and we will
provide the updated information in
future newsletters.