The Searcher
Sea Shell Searchers Newsletter

February 2006

Next meeting:

February 6, 2006

 7:00 pm


Program: Craig Latimer will present a program on importing and exporting shells.


Food provided by: Humbirds and Whites, additional volunteers are welcome


Drinks provided by: Latimers




Jean Wright is selling the remainder of her shell collection. She needs to conclude the sale before school is out because she and Harold are moving.

Her phone number is: 361-774-3913.


Field Trip Report

Saturday, January 28 was a fun day at the Barziza’s beach house. Nancy, Tina and Dean made delicious seafood gumbo and creole. Dave was well supervised while cooking hot dogs while others took the difficult position as fire watcher. The afternoon was spent shelling, sewing, sleeping, reading, playing chickenfoot, and visiting with friends.

Thank you to Dave and Nancy Barziza for an enjoyable day.



CALL TO ORDER: The January 3, 2006 meeting of the Sea Shell Searchers was called to order by president Steven Coker. Members were wished a Happy New Year. A poll was taken of those receiving shells or shell related gifts. Many needed prompting to refresh memories. A new member, Sherry Tesch, was introduced.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Minutes approved as mailed in November newsletter.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Wayne Humbird did not report a balance.


  1. Membership: Steven Coker – have members
  2. Newsletter: Patty Humbird – let her know if not getting email
  3. Field Trips: Darwin Alder – St. Joe Island or Matagorda or Cephalopod Center are field trip possibilities
  4. Hospitality/Hostess: Freida White – need drinks for next month
  5. Museum Study Project: no report
  6. Historian: Irene Norris – Has received the scrapbook, it is full, she will get a new one and update
  7. Exhibits: Dean Harris and Lori Sipple – Quintana exhibit looks good
  8. Auction: Wayne Humbird is taking donations
  9. Program: Craig Latimer – February program is on importing and exporting shells
  10. Shell Show: Wanda Coker – discussed proposals to have the shell show every two years in May opposite Jamboree. We will look into having the show in the museum in May and asking other clubs to host.




  1. Nancy Barziza invited everyone to their beach house Jan. 28. More details in newsletter.
  2. Wayne Humbird announced that the museum’s annual meeting is Jan. 8 and everyone is invited
  3. Harold and Freida White have been married 50 years. Congratulations

DOOR PRIZES won by Dean Harris, Teresa Leibig, Craig Latimer, R. L. Norris, Joey Leibig

ADJOURNMENT: Motion was made by Dennis Harris, second by Cliff Harris. Motion passed.

PROGRAM: Craig Latimer introduced John Forsythe who gave a program on cephalopods.



Shell Show Report


The show committee has chosen a date of May 5 and 6. We have received permission to hold the show in the museum. Unfortunately the end of April and the month of May are busy at The Center and the rest of the facility is already rented. Our awards dinner will probably have to be held away from the show. We will make this decision at a later date.


The information letter, rule changes and category changes are included with this newsletter.


The one family category has been expanded to include entries for very small families – we set a limit of 20 members, but could probably be talked into a somewhat larger number. We are also having a category for a single specie family. Cathy Betley has informed me that there will be such a shell available at the Houston shell club auction on April 1. You could win it, bring it home, put it in a box with a label and have an instant exhibit for the show.


We have also eliminated the beanie baby and collectible categories this year. We know members had fun with the beanie baby category and liked showing shell related items, but we will have limited table space in the museum so eliminating these categories should give us a couple of free tables for scientific exhibits. If, however, we do find ourselves with a spare table we may have a last minute surprise fun single entry category such as a snail parade or hermit crab exodus. Keep an eye on the website for information on this category.



We have set April 19 as the date due for entries. We will have to stick to this date to know if we will have table space for the exhibits, have enough tables from the Center or need to order additional tables from a rental place. The date is after the Houston meeting, so we will take applications there.


Several members have asked about dealers and/or sale tables. At the moment we do not plan to have either because we will not have room if a space does not become free in the Center.


If you have not been able to attend meetings or have not visited the museum lately, you will find it greatly changed. Exhibits have been rearranged, new fossil exhibits added and next month we will open a fabulous pre-Columbian pottery collection. So plan to come and marvel at the “new museum” and plan to bring a box of identified shells to enter in the show.


February Tide Chart

















04:59 / 0.78 ft

12:02 / -0.30 ft

19:02 / 0.65 ft






00:33 / 0.16 ft

06:43 / 0.68 ft

12:54 / 0.03 ft

19:18 / 0.63 ft




01:44 / -0.08 ft

08:42 / 0.65 ft

13:56 / 0.35 ft

19:30 / 0.63 ft




02:53 / -0.29 ft

10:57 / 0.72 ft

16:05 / 0.61 ft

19:29 / 0.66 ft











03:58 / -0.46 ft

13:11 / 0.87 ft






05:01 / -0.57 ft

14:33 / 0.97 ft






06:00 / -0.62 ft

15:29 / 1.00 ft






06:55 / -0.63 ft

16:17 / 0.98 ft






07:45 / -0.61 ft

16:58 / 0.92 ft






08:30 / -0.57 ft

17:28 / 0.85 ft

21:44 / 0.79 ft




00:22 / 0.82 ft

09:07 / -0.52 ft

17:39 / 0.78 ft

21:02 / 0.74 ft











01:19 / 0.82 ft

09:38 / -0.45 ft

17:43 / 0.74 ft

21:15 / 0.66 ft




02:11 / 0.80 ft

10:05 / -0.36 ft

17:50 / 0.71 ft

21:55 / 0.56 ft




03:04 / 0.75 ft

10:30 / -0.24 ft

18:00 / 0.70 ft

22:42 / 0.45 ft




04:05 / 0.68 ft

10:56 / -0.10 ft

18:11 / 0.69 ft

23:28 / 0.32 ft




05:17 / 0.61 ft

11:23 / 0.07 ft

18:20 / 0.67 ft






00:11 / 0.19 ft

06:42 / 0.58 ft

11:52 / 0.27 ft

18:20 / 0.65 ft




00:53 / 0.05 ft

08:21 / 0.61 ft

12:24 / 0.46 ft

18:00 / 0.66 ft











01:36 / -0.08 ft

10:12 / 0.69 ft

13:00 / 0.65 ft

16:59 / 0.72 ft




02:26 / -0.20 ft

12:16 / 0.82 ft

13:42 / 0.81 ft

16:11 / 0.83 ft




03:23 / -0.32 ft

14:11 / 0.94 ft






04:28 / -0.43 ft

14:57 / 1.03 ft






05:35 / -0.53 ft

15:32 / 1.06 ft






06:39 / -0.61 ft

15:59 / 1.05 ft

19:30 / 1.01 ft

21:44 / 1.02 ft




07:39 / -0.65 ft

16:19 / 1.01 ft

19:38 / 0.93 ft











00:07 / 1.06 ft

08:35 / -0.61 ft

16:36 / 0.94 ft

20:23 / 0.78 ft




01:39 / 1.08 ft

09:27 / -0.49 ft

16:52 / 0.86 ft

21:16 / 0.58 ft




03:03 / 1.07 ft

10:17 / -0.28 ft

17:08 / 0.81 ft

22:11 / 0.34 ft




Sea Shell Searchers Shell Show

Friday and Saturday

May 5, 6, 2006

Brazosport Museum of Natural Science

Clute, Texas


Dear Sheller,

The Sea Shell Searchers announce our 2006 Shell Show. Our show this year will be held in the Brazosport Museum of Natural Sciences, located at 400 College Drive, Clute, Texas. The museum is part of the Center for the Arts and Sciences and is located off Oyster Creek Drive near Brazosport College.

There will be social events to renew acquaintances and make new shell friends. The Sea Shell Searchers Shell Show has proven to be a major event in shelling and we invite you to come and join us.

Please read the categories and rules that are included with this letter.

Our schedule for the show is:

1.        Send entry forms to the Sea Shell Searchers, Brazosport Museum of Natural Science, 400 College Blvd. Clute, TX 77531, by April 19, 2006. Space is limited this year; late applications will be accepted only if space is available.

2.       Set up exhibits at the Museum, Thursday, May 4 beginning at 5:00 p.m. and Friday, May 5 from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

3.       Judging to begin at 12:00 p.m. Friday, May 5. Show opens to the public at 10:00.

4.       The Awards Dinner will be held Friday at 6:30 p.m. at a place and time to be announced. The menu will be determined at a later date.

5.       Show opens to the public Saturday, May 6 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Exhibit removal will begin as soon as the museum closes at 5:00 p.m.

6.       The Show Committee is planning a social time Saturday evening beginning at 7:30 p.m. Details will be confirmed at a later date.

7.       Some decisions such as menus and social events are still in planning. Keep watching the website for more information.


We look forward to your participation in the show. If you would like to support our show, please let us know. Patron donations $25.00 and greater will be acknowledged at the Awards Banquet.


For more information, please write to Patty Humbird, email or Wanda Coker, email or check the website



Wanda Coker and Patty Humbird

Co-chairpersons Sea Shell Searchers Shell Show



Exhibit Categories


1. One Family

A. One major family (Muricidae, Cypraeidae, Conidae, Fasciolariidae, Volutidae, Pectinidae)

a. Regional         

b. Worldwide

 B. One minor family                   

            a. Regional

            b. Worldwide

 C.  One minute family (less than 20 members)

 D. One member family (single specie family)

2. One genus (if the family consists of only one genus, it must be entered as a family)

A. Regional

B. Worldwide

3. One species (growth series, color or other variations)

4. Single specimen (one shell only)

5. Texas (up to 500 yards offshore)

6. Gulf of Mexico

7. Regional

8. World wide

9 Texas State Shell [exhibit of lightning whelk(s)]

10. Educational

11. Fossils (shells and/ or marine life)

12. Land and/or Fresh Water mollusks

13. Marine Life

14. Beachcomber

15. Shell art (anything with shell motif, must be work of the exhibitor)

a.   Photography

b.        Needlework

c.        Painting

d.        Drawings or sketches

e.        Stained glass

f.        Other

16. Shell craft (craft items made with shells, must be the work of the exhibitor)

a.        Pictures

b.        Floral arrangements

c.        Non-floral arrangements

d.        Sailor's Valentines

e.        Personal accessories

f.        Mirrors/frames

g.        Other

17. Junior (16 years and under)


Ribbons given for 1st, 2nd, 3rd places

Best of Class ribbons given in categories 1, 2, 15 and 16


Trophies include: Conchologists of America, Dupont, Mildred Tate Gulf of Mexico sponsored by the Brazosport Museum of Natural Science, Thomas E. Pulley Award sponsored by the Houston Conchological Society, Shell of the Show (any source), Shell of the Show (self-collected), Best of the Caribbean, Best of Texas





Sea Shell Searcher Shell Show Rules


1.        Exhibitors may enter no more than 6 scientific exhibits (categories 1 - 14).

2.       Exhibitors may enter more than one category, but only one entry per category, except for categories 1, 2, 15, and 16 in which 1 exhibit may be entered in each sub-category.

3.       Any exhibit that won a blue ribbon in the 2005 Sea Shell Searchers Shell Show is ineligible for competition unless a 50% visible change is made in the exhibit.

4.       In order for a self-collected shell to be considered for Shell of the Show self-collected, a small red star should be placed or printed on the label of self-collected shells. If the entire exhibit is self-collected a statement to that effect will take the place of individual labels.

5.       Contents of exhibits must belong to the exhibitor.

6.       Exhibitors must pre-register before April 19 to reserve a place. Late entries will be accepted if space allows.

7.       Exhibitors must check in and set up exhibit between 5:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. Thursday, May 4 and 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. Friday, May 5. All exhibitors must leave the exhibit room at 11:00 a.m.

8.       Exhibits must remain for the duration of the show. No part of any exhibit may be removed for any reason.

9.       Exhibits must be removed between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. Saturday, May 6. Show committee will remove any exhibits not removed by 7:00 p.m. and exhibitor is responsible for retrieving his/her exhibit from the committee.

10.     As judging is to be done anonymously, no name or identifying information is to be put with the exhibit. After judging, cards will be placed with exhibits identifying exhibitor.

11.      Judging will be based on attractiveness of arrangement, quality and choice of shells, accuracy of labeling, apparent amount of work on the exhibit and educational value. Decisions of the judges are final. Awards will be given if judges determine exhibits are of sufficient merit.

12.     The committee may add or subdivide categories if deemed necessary.

13.     No live exhibits.

14.     Tables are 30" wide x 6' long. Long exhibits may be exhibited in 2 parts depending on available running length.

15.     The height of an exhibit (including backboard) may not exceed 24" from tabletop and the backside of any exhibit must be plain and finished so as not to detract from exhibit on other side of back-to-back tables.

16.     Beachcomber collections must be exhibited in natural state, as found on beach.

17.      All exhibits except for Categories 15 and 16 must be enclosed in cases, which should be secured during the show. Exhibitors must provide their own cases. It is recommended that exhibits in categories 15 and 16 be enclosed if possible.

18.     In artistic exhibits, categories 15 and 16, entries must be the work of the exhibitor.

19.     Exhibitors in categories 15 and 16 must provide any needed easel, stand, etc. for display.

20.    The Shell Show committee, Sea Shell Searchers, the Brazosport Museum of Natural Science and the Center for the Arts and Sciences will not be responsible for exhibits; however, security will be provided.









This and That

Did you know that the Brazosport Museum was featured in Jordan Star’s shell related web picks? He complained that some images were a bit dark and we needed more specific images. Steven has spoken to the museum webmaster about getting this problem corrected.


Did you know that you can buy, sell and trade shells over the internet? Craig Latimer will tell you all you need to know to get started at the February meeting.


Did you know that the shell show is just around the corner? Time to get your shells identified, labeled and put in boxes.


Did you know that Dave Green has taken a job in Houston? We look forward to seeing Dave and Lucille at our meetings.


Did you know that we have two couples in our club who have been married over 50 years?


Did you know that the COA convention is in Mobile, Alabama this summer? Some members are planning to drive over for the weekend to meet shelling friends from all over the world and take advantage of the borse.


Do you know that the borse is a great way to shop for new additions to your shell collection?


If you could not answer all these questions, you should be attending more shell club meetings. Hope to see everyone in February. Sea Shell Searcher




Do you know this person? It could be you at one of the club field trips.




























Sea Shell Searchers of Brazoria County

400 College Dr

Clute, Tx 77531