December 2002 Field Trip Report by Pat Blaikie

We all had a great time at S. Padre Island. We met a Sheller from Laredo name Judith and her shelling dog Ginger. One of the days there, we drove over to Boca Chica beach. Kay and Nancy shelled on the beach side while the rest of us went on the Laguna Madre side.

Dean and Cliff found some good shells among those were a live Tun. Tina Davis, George and Pat's granddaughter, found a nice lettered olive shell. George, after Cliff showing him what live Baby's Ear trails looked like, found some. There were live sand dollar trails everywhere, and everyone was able to find at least one.

Some of us spent a day in Matamoras Mexico with shopping not shelling going on. We ended that day with a trip to the Homemade Ice Cream shop that is across from the Port Isabel Lighthouse. George and Tina said everything looked great from the top of the Lighthouse; the rest of us took their word for it. A stop on the bay side behind the houses at Port Isabel turned up some good finds also.

Dean found a Hairy Triton, George, Pat and Tina all found live Lightning Whelks but not to be out done by Cliff who immediately found one larger that everyone's. Cliff spent a short time talking to a older man on the beach trying to tell him, that what he had found was not Lion's paw Scallops, but just plain bay scallops. The man said that he had seen it in a book, and acted as if Cliff did not know what he was talking about. Oh well Cliff, you can't win them all.

With the shelling, shopping, free continental breakfasts, - Ramada Inn rooms with a wonderful discount, an interesting ride on one of the local Aqua Dogs, and great fellowship with friends, we have to give a big applause to our Field Trip Chairman Dean Harris for a job well done.