Scholastic Bowl

Scholastic Bowl 2019

The game will be held Thursday, February 28, 2019 at the Center for the Arts and Sciences in the Dow Arena Theater at 7:00 PM. Entry fee for each team is $100 and all fees go directly to supporting science education in the Brazosport Planetarium.

Two Types of Teams , Adults and Teens :  They will be composed of four adults or four teenage members

Can you name all seven of Snow White’s dwarves? Do you know the value of pi to 5 decimal places? Do you know who is the soulful popular Brit singer who just released her album “25”? If your head is filled with many seemingly useless bits of information, the trivia game Scholastic Bowl is your opportunity to put all that minutia to work.

Scholastic Bowl is the biggest and best trivia game in Brazoria County. Conducted as a fundraiser by the Brazosport Planetarium, the game is played by teams of up to 4 people who combine their knowledge to answer questions ranging from pop culture, sports, current events, and maybe even a bit of history, geography, science and such. The game is easy to play as the teams simply jot their answers onto an answer sheet. No buzzer to hit, no oral response, no glaring white-hot spotlight, no “deer in the headlights” look in front of all your friends. Just you and your teammates writing your answer on the answer sheet. Prizes consist of cheesy junk from the Planetarium gift shop, but most importantly, bragging rights for knowing the most trivia in Brazoria County.

While some teams focus on highest score for the game, many teams have a smaller rivalry just between them and another group of friends. Former student groups from various universities and colleges often enter a team just to play against a favorite rival, with a goal to simply beat the other team. Church groups often play between congregations. Team t-shirts, hats or corny team names are welcomed and encouraged.