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Brazosport Art League hosts two-week Senior Scholarship Exhibit

For the 15th year in a row, Brazosport Art League welcomed high school seniors to display their work in the gallery at The Center for the Arts & Sciences during a springtime exhibit held exclusively for student artists, which opens today. One student is also chosen to receive the Bruce Good Scholarship, a memorial award named after the longtime Brazosport High School art teacher and ceramist. The show is generously sponsored by Roy Yates of Freeport Welding.

12th grade students each submit six artworks that best represent their artistic journeys throughout their high school careers for consideration for the scholarship.

Emily Espeche, art teacher at Brazoswood High School, said the exhibit provides a venue for the students to show off their work and shines a light on students’ unique styles and techniques.

“The Brazosport Art League has a wonderful tradition of supporting local students and the Bruce Good Scholarship is a great example of that,” she said. “In fact, art league members vote for the scholarship winner each year. This has been an unprecedented school year, and we are bringing in a smaller group of students than we normally have, but their art is stronger than ever.”

Bruce Good’s son, Lowell Good, also spent his career working with local high school students. While his father taught in the Brazosport High art studio, Lowell spent 20 years as the Brazoswood counselor and CTE counselor. He said the scholarship is a special tribute to a special man.

“It has always meant a great deal to me that the Art League chose to honor my Dad by creating a scholarship in his name,” he said. “He loved teaching ceramics and jewelry at Brazosport High School and Brazosport College and the scholarship is a wonderful way to pass on his love for art to the next generation.”

“I’m sure he would have been a little embarrassed to have the scholarship in his name, as he never thought of himself as being anything special in the art world, but I also know that he would have loved the amazing art that I’ve seen the students create. It always made it extra special to me when the winner was a Brazosport or Brazoswood student since my Dad taught at Bport for close to 30 years and I worked as a counselor at Bwood for 19.”

While the last year has been difficult for students and teachers alike, Espeche is proud of the handful of students displaying their art over the next two weeks.

“No matter who earns the scholarship, this art show is a celebration of 4 years of dedication,” she explained. “It’s an opportunity for student artists to have a show in a real art gallery, which means a lot to them. I love that it showcases a variety of art techniques and how every student’s style is different.”

Good said his Dad’s legacy of helping foster students’ love for art carries on through the annual student exhibit and scholarship.

“As much as my Dad loved helping students improve their artistic ability, maybe more important was his goal to treat every student with kindness,” he said. “It brings me joy when I hear people talk about how much they loved him as a teacher and will show me a jewelry piece they made in his class or when they tell me they have a favorite ceramic piece that was made by him. It feels good knowing that a portion of my Dad lives on through those pieces.”

“I know he was always pleased with the effort put forth by his students. I hope the students in art classes today realize that they are investing a part of themselves in each piece of art they create and that that piece of art will bring joy to someone else. I know my Dad would be pleased to know that his name is being used to continue to encourage the creation and love of art.”

The Brazosport Art League gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Masks are required. Admission is free, but reservations are required. Reserve tickets online:

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