Brazosport Museum of Natural Science Exhibit Halls

Mildred Tate Hall of Malacology

Found a shell on a local beach and want to know what it is? Find it in the Texas waters collection.

Our founder Mildred Tate believed that the public should look at mollusks to appreciate their natural beauty, so she designed our collection to be available to the public. Visit the collection to view these natural wonders.

Bryan Cooney Hall of Paleontology

View for free an amazing collection of dinosaurs and other ancient animals including a Bambiraptor (the only one in Texas).

See ancient aquatic denizens – large and small, from fresh and salt environments.

Raymond Walley Hall of Archaeology

Learn about life in antebellum Texas.

Explore artifacts from local Native Americans.

A.P. Beutel Hall of Minerals

Discover crystals of all sizes, shapes and colors.

Be amazed as rocks respond to different lights.

Hall of Wildlife

Large display of American waterfowl.

Examples of animals found in Texas exhibited in a natural setting.

Beautiful butterflies and moths from Texas and around the world.