Gerrard Teen Guild – Monthly Meetings

Gerrard Teen Guild meets the 2nd Sunday of during the months of September through May from 2 PM –  4 PM. Teen Guilders learn all areas of production, including acting and design. When appropriate, Gerrard Teen Guild use Center Stages productions as inspiration for the monthly meeting.

Gerrard Teen Guild Summer Workshop

Students ages 12 – 18 are invited to kick off the summer with a two-week intensive workshop where the participants are directly involved in almost all major areas of production. In addition to acting and staging a full-length play for the public, participants also participate in set, lighting and costume design as well as stage management, set crews and publicity. Sign up in May and get ready for a fun-filled and challenging production schedule, with the show opening at the end of the rehearsal process. Priority is given to students whose parents are members (season ticket holders) of Brazosport Center Stages and who have participated in the FREE Gerrard Teen Guild during the school year immediately prior to the workshop.  Gerrard Teen Guild Summer Workshop is part of Summer at The Center and is generously underwritten by The Facts. 

Teen Guild: June 1 – 13

Summer Musical Theater Workshop

Students ages 7 – 15 will spend a week rehearsing to perform an original musical with costumes, lights, sets and live music! Summer Musical Theater Workshop is part of Summer at The Center and is generously underwritten by The Facts.

Session1: June 15 – 19

Session 2: June 22 – 26

Summer Drama Workshop

Students ages 7 – 15 will spend a week rehearsing to perform a child-friendly drama, complete with costumes, lights and sets! Summer Drama Workshop is part of Summer at The Center and is generously underwritten by The Facts.

Session 1: July 20 – 25

Session 2: July 27 – August 1

Brazosport Center Stages Scholarships

Each year, Brazosport Center Stages awards deserving students scholarships to be used in their pursuit of a college degree. Students are judged and awarded scholarships based on their merits as students, their participation in Brazosport Center Stages productions and on their audition and/or interview.

Brazosport Center Stages/Kris Kirsch Scholarship

Award Amount:  $1,000 scholarships will be awarded (number of scholarships awarded varies year to year)

Eligibility:  Must be a graduating senior

  • Must show outstanding aptitude/interest in drama, dance, technical   theater, vocal or instrumental music.

Requirements: Submit a Brazosport Center Stages Special Application**

  • Submit a list of your Brazosport Center Stages involvement. This may include on stage, as well as, backstage involvement. It may also include Brazosport Symphony Orchestra involvement.
  • Must include financial need, leadership experiences, academic ability, and participation in extracurricular activities.
  • Must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Submit a list of all your community service. This may include extra- curricular activities and theater involvement other than with Brazosport Center Stages.
  • Must perform or present skill in an audition format.

Additional Information: All applicants will be contacted by the Scholarship Chair to schedule an audition time.

  • Selected scholarship recipients are expected to perform at BSC Appreciation Night. If a candidate is unavailable, he/she should submit a video recording to be shown.

Selection: Scholarship selections will be made by a committee of Judges chosen by the Board of Directors of Brazosport Center Stages, The judges scoring and decision to award any scholarship is based on the following criteria:

  • School Records/Community Service (Weight: 33.33%) Review of Application and any attachments to evaluate Applicant’s scholarship, (based on class rank, standard tests, and GPA) community involvement, and community service in the Brazoria County area.
  • Involvement in Center Stages/Brazosport Symphony Orchestra (Weight: 33.33%) Past contribution and/or participation in Brazosport Center Stages’ productions, workshops, projects or general program.
  • Presentation of craft (Weight: 33.33%) Interview/Audition Project or other presentation of your craft to demonstrate proficiency in any aspect of theater or music. The applicant is invited to perform or present a work of his or her choosing. The applicant may perform a prepared piece or present any portfolio, project or resume of his or her work in any aspects of theater, drama, instrumental or choral music, design, production, sound, lighting, stage management etc.
  • In addition, all applicants may be interviewed by the judges on a variety of subjects appropriate to their application and attachments.

A link to the application can be found here.