Elizabethan Madrigal Feast

Harken Goode People Alle!


“Sit by my side and let the world slip: We shall ne’er be younger”

Thy Liege Lorde Ambrose Dudley, Earl of Warwick, requests the pleasure of your company at his most joyous Madrigal Feast in Celebration of Christmas and in honor of her most gracious majesty Queen Elizabeth I at Warwick Castle Greate Halle

With us, Welcome Yule!


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The Elizabethan Madrigal Feast 2018

Dow Arena Theater
The Center for the Arts & Sciences

Nov. 23, 24, 30 and Dec. 1, 7 & 8
Performance & Full Dinner
Castle Gates Open at 6:30 p.m.
Guests seated promptly at 7:00 p.m.

Dec. 6
Performance & Full Dinner
Castle Gates Open at 6:30 p.m.
Guests seated promptly at 7:00  p.m.

Nov. 25, Dec. 2 & 9
Performance & Full Dinner
Castle Gates Open at 1:00 p.m.
Guests seated promptly at 1:30 p.m.

By Reservation Only

General Public ticket sales begin October 22
At the number below 10 am – 4 pm
979-265-7661 or Online 24/7

$5.00 per ticket charge for refunded tickets
No refunds or exchanges after 4 p.m. November 9
MasterCard/Visa/Discover Card accepted

Souvenir Wine Glasses


Purchase your Elizabethan Madrigal Feast souvenir wine glass with your Madrigal Feast tickets
and have it placed at your seat for when you arrive at the Feast.

The Elizabethan Madrigal Feast is a BYOB event.
Your souvenir glass will come empty and ready to fill with the wine you bring to The Feast.

Purchase your Tickets and add your souvenir glass to your tickets!





Elizabethan Madrigal Feast 2018

Cast & Crew

Head table Madrigal singers

Queen Elizabeth – Donna Jablecki

Soprano 1 – Connie Lamoureux

Soprano 1 – Andrea Hutchison

Soprano 2 – Terri Martin

Soprano 2 – Rachael Welsh

Alto 1 – Elaina Perez

Alto 1 – Karen Hadley

Alto 2 -Countess Warwick – Debra Cramm

Alto 2 -Lizzy Conger

Tenor 1- Bishop – Chris Hutchison

Tenor 1 -Mason Rod

Tenor 2- Earl of Warwick – Barry Finley

Tenor 2 -Cameron Losoya

Bass 1 -Ruben Perez

Bass 1 – Chayton Herbst

Bass 2 -Thomas Torres

Bass 2 – Tony Stewart

Madrigal Servers

sing, dance, serve the dinner

Steward – Denis James, Pages – Christian Arroyo and Mackenzie Dawson

Nobles Table

Master Server- Matt Edquist

Stretcher men – Zackary Doughty

Pages – Henry Tidwell, Kennedy Unger

Tables 1 & 3

Master Server – Sheryl Matthews

Stretcher men – Phil Partridge, Cyrus Parks, Carter Hutchison

Servers-Gentry Wessman, Melody Torres, Kirsten Parks

Page – Lana Ridenour

Tables 2 & 4

Master Server – Connie Marshall

Stretcher men – Austin Weigle, George Adam, Darren Tidwell

Servers- Lisa Chapa, Megan Carr, Bridget Tidwell

Page – Jane Claire Tidwell

Table 5 & 7

Master Stretcher- Paul Geisler

Stretchers – Johanna Geisler, Mitch Levings

Servers- Janice McEwan, Bailey San Miguel, Hannah Poore, Desteney Kremmer

Page – Audrey Mulholland

Tables 6 & 8

Master Stretcher – Irenna Garapetian

Stretcher Carriers- Maurice Williams, Jacob Aguilar

Servers – Sara Plank, Elise Haagensen, Charlee Ayers, Emily Plumlee

Page – Jayden Haagensen

Tables 9 &10

Master Server- Melodie Steinert

Stretcher Carriers- Ed Steinert, Marc Davis

Server – Madison Unger, Melina Whitacre

Page- Jax Haagensen

Madrigal Taming of the Shrew Shakespeare cast

Father Christmas-Matt Edquist

Baptista Minola- Phil Partridge

Katherine, elder daughter- Gentry Wessman

Bianca, younger daughter-Emily Plumlee

Petruchio-Austin Weigle

Grumio, his servant – Denis James

Curtisy, his servant – Irenna Garapetian

Pages to Petruchio- Christian Arroyo, Mackenzie Dawson

Gremio of Padua- Marc Davis

Hortensio – Maurice Williams

Luciento of Pisa – Jacob Aguilar

Tranio, his servant- George Adam

Biondella, his servant- Desteney Kremmer

Vincetio, Luciento’s father-Paul Geisler

A widow -Lisa Chapa

Priest – Tailor – Mitch Levings

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