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Hunting for water in the inner solar system

The Brazosport Planetarium’s January show is available in three parts, as we seek water on the planets in the inner solar system. Part 1 kicks off by hunting for water on the two planets closest to the sun, Mercury and Venus. Next, Part 2 brings us to Earth and our moon. While we know water exists in abundance on our planet, evidence of water on the moon is somewhat of a different story.

Finally, we travel to Mars in Part 3 to seek for water on the Red Planet. What we discover just might surprise you…both in the history of water on Mars and its current existence.

Check out all three parts of the January show on the Planetarium’s YouTube page:

Part 1 (Mercury & Venus):

Part 2 (Earth & Moon):

Part 3 (Mars):

To view all videos from the BASF Planetarium, visit:

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