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By giving to Brazosport Fine Arts Council (BFAC), a 501 (C)3 non-profit organization, you are making an investment that will help provide much-needed support for The Center’s maintenance and renovations. You can also donate to the general operating fund and/or the endowment fund. The power of your gift will be magnified many times over, playing a vital role in maintaining one of the true treasures of our community.

The Center is a 45,000 sq. ft.  multi-use facility that has the responsibility of providing performance and exhibit space to its permanent residents, including the Brazosport Art League, Brazosport Museum of Natural Science, BASF Planetarium, Brazosport Center Stages, and affiliate organizations such as Brazosport Symphony Orchestra, and affiliate groups such as the Astronomy Club, Gerrard Teen Guild, Sea Shell Searchers of Brazoria County and the Brazosport Archeological Society.

Those who experience The Center know it isn’t just a “place.” It is a cultural home that welcomes tens of thousands of people each year. The Center is where people of all ages come together to have meaningful dialogue, to learn, and to grow in their artistic and scientific understanding.

The Center opened its doors in 1976 and today your financial support will help us continue to serve our community well into the future. There are many ways you can support Brazosport Fine Arts Council with a meaningful gift. However you choose to contribute, your gift will help us care for the facility, providing welcoming, attractive cultural home for the public to enjoy.

When giving to Brazosport FIne Arts Council, you can choose the type of gift (unrestricted or restricted), the timing of your gift (present or future) and the instrument for your gift (cash, stock, deferred, etc.). When considering these decisions, it is important to get advice from a professional estate planner, your attorney or tax accountant.


Unrestricted gifts allow BFAC to have the flexibility to authorize funds for use where the need is greatest. Since 1976, the Board of Trustees and executive staff have been good stewards of all contributions, as well as conservative financial managers of all organization funds.

Restricted gifts are contributions directed to a specific program or project. A restricted gift can be a special way to support an aspect of BFAC work that has personal meaning to you. We would be honored to discuss options available to you.


Outright or Current Gift – A gift made today or pledged over a set period of time, typically over a period of up to five years.

Planned Gift – A way for a benefactor to make a commitment now, while fulfilling that commitment at a later date through such devices as a bequest, trust or contract (this approach often results in financial and tax benefits).

Blended Gift – A blended gift is a combination of current and planned gifts.


Cash Gifts – A cash gift can be as simple as writing a check in support of BFAC and can be used to fulfill a multi-year commitment. IRS regulations allow you to claim a charitable gift deduction of up to 50 percent of your adjusted gross income. If your giving exceeds that limit, you can carry your deductions forward for up to five years.

Gifts of Securities – Making a gift of appreciated stock or mutual funds can be an excellent philanthropic tool. Even more, it can be a way to reduce your tax burden.

Gift from an IRA – Through the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Re-authorization and Job Creation Act of 2010, you may be able to make a tax-free charitable contribution to The Center. The act allows individuals 70 ½ and older to make direct gifts from their IRA account, up to $100,000. The rules that apply to an IRA gift are subject to change by the Internal Revenue Service.

Bequests (Gifts through your will) – Through your will, you can make a specific bequest to The Center or set aside a percentage of your estate as a charitable gift. Bequests of specific non-cash assets are also possible under our gift acceptance policy. Or, you can direct that the remaining balance of your estate be set aside for a gift.

Gift of Your Home, Vacation Home, Farm or Ranch – This type of gift is called a Retained Life Estate. By making a Retained Life Estate gift, you can continue to live in a home you deed to BFAC and can enjoy an income tax deduction. Afterwards, your home reverts to BFAC, where it is used to support your charitable wishes.

Another option in this category is an Outright Gift of Real Estate. Real estate can also be an effective strategy for making an outright gift, in many cases helping avoid the burden of capital gains taxes. However, a Retained Life Estate gift must conform to the terms of BFAC’s Gift Acceptance Policy.

Life Income Giving – This type of gift instrument includes the Charitable Gift Annuity, the Charitable Remainder Trust, the Charitable Lead Trust and Life Insurance. A brief summary on each is provided here for your consideration:

Charitable Gift Annuity. You may transfer cash and/or securities to BFAC, enjoy a tax deduction and receive a fixed annuity for life. Charitable gift annuities can be either immediate or deferred. Payments, largely tax free, are fixed for life, protecting you against the volatility of financial markets.

Charitable Remainder Trust. This gift approach is highly flexible, offering various levels of control and paying you income, usually for the rest of your life. You may fund the trust with cash, securities and/or real estate. You can choose either to receive fixed payments based on the value of the assets when the trust is created or a variable income stream based on the value of the trust each year.

Charitable Lead Trust. In this giving strategy, you temporarily set aside a portion of your assets in a trust. For a period of time, trust income supports a project or program of your choosing. At the end of that period, the assets – generally with appreciated growth – are either returned to you or are passed to your heirs in tax advantaged ways.

Life Insurance. You can designate Brazosport Fine Arts Council as the beneficiary or owner of a paid-up life insurance policy.


BEQUEST STATEMENT A charitable bequest to Brazosport Fine Arts Council can be as simple as a sentence or two in your will or living trust agreement. Your bequest may specify a specific sum, or percentage, of money by stating, “I give to BFAC in Clute, Texas the sum of $_____________, (or __________ percentage of my estate).” You may also leave a particular asset by including a statement such as, “I give to BFAC in Clute, Texas _______ share of XYZ stock.”

We invite you or your representative to call Wesley Copeland, Executive Director, at 979-265-7661 to answer any questions.


Gift by Check: Make your check payable to The Center for the Arts and Sciences and mail it to the following address:
The Center
400 College Blvd.
Clute, TX 77531

Stock Transfers:
Individuals interested in contributing gifts of stock should contact Executive Director Wesley Copeland at wcopeland@bcfas.org or by calling (979) 265-7661.

Giving Online

We accept donations online here!

Here you are able to donate to our Capital Campaign, the Brazosport Fine Arts Council Operating and Maintenance Fund, The Brazosport Fine Arts Council Endowment Fund, Memorial & Honorariums, and to sponsor our Elizabethan Madrigal Feast or CenterFest.