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The Facts Features “Having Our Say” in Weekend Edition

The Facts published “An American Story: Actresses allow Delany sisters to have their say” on the front page of the Brazos Life section of this weekend’s newspaper. Reporter Corinna Richardson and photographer Prentice C. James attended a dress rehearsal for the play last week to interview the actors and director and shoot photos for the story about Brazosport Center Stages’ production of “Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters’ First 100 Years.”

Actors Lois Davis, Sharon J. Barnes, Kendra Edwards Waters and Tonita L. Addison and director Rachael Welsh all spoke about the fact that while the Delany sisters lived throughout almost the entire 20th century and died more than 20 years ago, their story remains relevant today.

Read the article and see the photos of cast members on the set at The Facts online.

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