The Facts features new art exhibit, “Illusions of Reality”, by Sherry Hall Shelton

Local artist Sherry Hall Shelton opened her solo exhibit, Illusions of Reality, in Brazosport Art League gallery last week and was the guest of honor at a reception to celebrate its opening on Sunday, September 17.

The Facts published a feature about the artist and her new show on the front page of today’s (9/20) paper, “The gift of painting: Popular local artist presents diverse collection”.

Read the story online and see photos at The Facts online!

Make plans to swing by the gallery to see the exhibit before Sunday, October 15 when it closes.

“Illusions of Reality” exhibit opens in Brazosport Art League gallery

Brazosport Art League opens Illusions of Reality, a solo exhibit by local artist Sherry Shelton, in the gallery this week. Featuring close to 50 pieces of art, the show runs through Sunday, October 15.

An opening week reception is slated for Sunday, September 17 from 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM in the gallery. The public is invited to join Sherry and her friends & family to see the art, meet the artist and enjoy refreshments.

Tickets to the gallery are FREE. To help us record visitor demographics, please register in The Center lobby when you arrive or pre-register online. Hours of operation are 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM, Tuesday through Saturday, and 2:00 – 5:00 PM on Sunday.




Artist Sherry Shelton drew and painted from the time she was a child. ln high school, she discovered she had the imagination and talent for being able to express herself with visual creation better than the spoken word. After graduation, most of her time was put into marriage and the rearing of her children. When the two boys were settled into school routines, however, she went back to painting full time.


Sherry soon established a reputation as an accomplished portrait artist and during the late 1970s, she had the opportunity to study with many well-known artists. Two trips to Europe culminated in the delivery of a commissioned painting to clients in Ascona, Switzerland and led to the invitation to travel, visit and study there for two more years. Her many travels across the United States, Canada and Europe have been recorded on canvas, paper and on film.


Sherry’s mural work can be seen in many school libraries, businesses and homes in and across Texas. Her mural in the Stephen F. Austin Elementary School, painted in 1990, was featured on television show “The Eyes of Texas”. In 1997, Sherry received a grant from the Texas Commission of the Arts to paint an outdoor mural in Marshall for the Harrison County Boys and Girls Club facility.


ln 2007 and 2009, respectively, Sherry painted murals in the Danbury Elementary and Middle School libraries, followed by a mural for the American Legion, Post 241, in Angleton in 2010. ln 2013, the City of Lake Jackson commissioned her to paint an outdoor mural as part of the city’s 75th birthday celebration. ln 2016, she was commissioned to paint the children’s section of Lake Jackson’s public library, illustrating 60 children’s fairy tale stories.


Sherry enjoys painting all subjects and in all mediums, but says her favorite is likely painting portraits in oil.


“lt is my goal to make all paintings as strong in design and art theory as possible and I work to make every portrait or painting a good one, as well as a good likeness of the sitter or subject matter. I try to make each and every painting speak to the viewer and make the strongest statement possible with the chosen subject and medium.”

Achieving Likeness in Portrait Sketching

Join Brazosport Art League for a FREE workshop, Achieving Likeness in Portrait Sketching, with Harry Sargent on Saturday, October 14 from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM in BAL studio! The workshop is open to the public and is aimed at beginner adult and teen artists.

The workshop is FREE, but RSVPs are required. (RSVP HERE!)

Please bring the following supplies:

  • Paper of at least 70 pound
  • A compass (drafting tool)
  • Your choice of graphite or charcoal pencils
  • A blending sump

Photos will be provided for sketching.

About the workshop:

Artists are often intimidated when attempting to draw faces. Instructor Harry Sargent will teach an experimental method he uses, training the artists’ eye to notice facial details. Participants will sketch from photographs and use a compass to achieve proper proportions. Photographs will include face-on, quarter-turned and profile images. If time allows, participants will sketch subjects of different ages to observe how the proportions of the head change throughout life.

By practicing Harry’s methods, artists should be able to progress to live models with confidence. Harry’s method may not be every artist’s “ultimate” method, but the workshop can serve as a starting point in technique development.

Brazosport Art League hosts annual Open Juried Show in gallery

Brazosport Art League’s annual Open Juried Show opened in the gallery this week, featuring more than 60 pieces of art in a wide range of mediums by BAL members and outside artists. The exhibit was juried by Richmond-based pastel artist Carolyn Hancock, a former president of the Pastel Society of Southeast Texas, member of American Women Artists and elected member of American Artists Professional League.

A reception and awards ceremony is planned for Friday, August 11 from 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM in the gallery. Join the artists, their families and friends to see the art and find out this year’s overall show winner and winners in five categories (*winners listed below)! This event is FREE and open to the public.

The show runs through Sunday, September 10.

Tickets to the gallery are FREE. To help us record visitor demographics, please register in The Center lobby when you arrive or pre-register online. Hours of operation are 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM, Tuesday through Saturday, and 2:00 – 5:00 PM on Sunday.



Best in Show – Levi … Sherry Hall Shelton


Hand created work on Canvas or Panel

First Place – Letters from Home … Maris Salmins

Second Place – The Dance … Martha Williams

Third Place – Orange Cliff … Nathaniel T. Spates

Honorable Mention – Oak Tree Grace … Judy Vera

Honorable Mention – Hide and Seek … Sherry Hall Shelton


Hand created work on Paper or Yupo

First Place – The Rio Frio … Robert Ruhmann

Second Place – Pandora Box of Memory … Chloe Donaldson

Third Place – Sunflowers and Lace … Linda Strickland

Honorable Mention – Then Quintana Jetties … Robert Ruhmann

Honorable Mention – Blowing Bubbles … Dana Ryman


Photography wall hung printed on any medium

First Place – Blue Jelly … Jill Friedman

Honorable Mention – Walk on the Beach … Martha Cox


Mixed media Wall-hung (e.g. collage, fiber, assemblage, cuttings)

First Place – The Blue Hole … Shey Cotton

Honorable Mention – Trio … Dorothy Babbington


3-D, free standing (e.g. sculpture, art dolls, assemblage, jewelry, pottery, porcelain, glass, metal)

First Place – Quilting Bee … Joyce Patterson

Honorable Mention – Woman Wading … Kenneth Ness



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Final week of Summer at The Center art camp featured in The Facts

Brazosport Art League wrapped up the second and final week of Summer at The Center art camp last Friday, which was featured in The Facts today (7/19) in “Colorful Creations with Kids at The Center: Camp allows kids to test their skills at variety of art”. A reporter snapped photos of student artists in grades 4 through 6 working in the studio and visited with campers and BAL instructors.

Read the story and see photos at The Facts online. 

The Facts features artist Cynthia Grandjean’s solo exhibit in Brazosport Art League gallery

Artist Cynthia Grandjean opened her solo exhibit in Brazosport Art League gallery a week ago on July 5 and is featured in today’s (7/12) edition of The Facts in “Mystery and Simplicity at the Center: New art exhibit on display at the Brazosport Art Gallery”!


Hear from Cynthia about her exhibit and see photos of the show at The Facts online.


THEN, if you haven’t yet seen the exhibit, be sure to stop by sometime this month! Tickets to the gallery are FREE. To help us record visitor demographics, please register in The Center lobby when you arrive or pre-register online. Normal hours of operation are 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM, Tuesday through Saturday, and 2:00 – 5:00 PM on Sunday.