BSO’s upcoming concert to feature world premiere of “Cinderella” from Composition Contest winner

Brazosport Symphony Orchestra will present its fourth concert of the 2021-2022 season on Saturday, February 19 (postponed from Feb. 5) at The Clarion at Brazosport College. “Playing With Fire” will feature popular fire-themed music such as Stravinsky’s Berceuse and Finale from “Firebird Suite”, Mussorgsky’s “Night on Bald Mountain” and the concert suite from “Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire” (Doyle & Williams). In addition, BSO will perform the world premiere of “Cinderella”, Gabriele Cardinali’s winning composition from the 2022 Composition Contest.

Each season, BSO’s Philip Walker organizes and promotes this contest for amateur composers. In addition to receiving a cash prize of $500, the winning composer has the honor of having their piece performed live by BSO. More times than not, BSO’s performance is the world premiere of the winning piece. Walker, who also holds the principal Tuba position with BSO, received 50 submissions this season from composers in 13 different countries. Cardinali’s piece was chosen as the winner this year, and BSO is honored to be the first live orchestra to perform one of his compositions.

Gabriele Cardinali is a self-taught composer born in 1976 in Rome, Italy. Cardinali began composing simple music in middle school, where he also learned to play the clarinet. As classical music scores became more available via the internet and home recording equipment more affordable, he was able to gradually shift his talents to his true love of composing for orchestra. He has always been interested in the sound of objects rather than their shape or color.

Today he feeds his passion by studying famous scores in a constant attempt to improve his technique. Cardinali uses a sequencer to compose and considers it decisive support in improving harmony, solfeggio and orchestration. When he isn’t composing music, Cardinali, a graduate of computer accounting, works as a senior analyst and software programmer for public accounting.

Cardinali’s winning composition, “Cinderella”, was created to accompany the 1922 silhouette animation film “Aschenputtel” (Cinderella), directed by Charlotte “Lotte” Reiniger and produced and photographed by her husband, Carl Koch. Reiniger was a gifted artist and a true pioneer of cinematic animation. Her fascination with Chinese paper cutting techniques, costuming and photography led to her creation of a new genre of silhouette films.

Cardinali composed this piece to feature a variety of atmospheres through a wide spectrum of timbres.  His “Cinderella” is meant to take listeners back to their child-like sense of wonder.

The orchestra will perform “Cinderella” as the film plays overhead on the Clarion’s big screen.  Maestro Brian Casey will use a click track provided by the composer to keep the musicians in sync with the film.  A click track is a recording including audio cues, much like a metronome, that is used to synchronize the music with the moving images on screen.

“Gabriele Cardinali has constructed a brilliant piece of music to accompany the 100-year-old film,” Casey said. “The textures and moods, captivating melodies and dramatic special effects create a remarkable audio/visual experience. The Brazosport Symphony Orchestra is proud to perform the world premiere of Cardinali’s work, ‘Cinderella.’”

Tickets are on sale now online or may be purchased at the door at The Clarion box office.  Ticket prices are $25 for adults, with discounted tickets available for seniors/veterans for $22 and students for $16.