BASF Planetarium’s February show focuses on constellation Orion

The February planetarium show will be Hunting the Depths of Orion, which takes a closer look at the well-known constellation and its significance across cultures. See the show on Tuesdays and the 4th Friday (February 7, 14, 21, 24 & 28) at 7:00 PM in BASF Planetarium.


Journey with us as we take a look at all the interesting deep sky objects that make up Orion. The constellation is a great tool for star-finding and navigation. Great telescopes of our age uncover star and planet forming nebulae. The stars of Orion helped crack the code of star distance and brought women into the field of astronomy.


Tickets are FREE to planetarium members; non-member tickets are $5/adults and $3/children. Get your tickets NOW!