Brazosport Fine Arts Council Plans 2021-2022 Family Science Series

Brazosport Fine Arts Council is proud to present the 2021-2022 Family Science Series, with two programs slated for the fall and two in the spring. The idea behind the Family Science Series is to bring outside programs and performers to The Center to introduce science concepts in new, different and exciting ways. This year’s lineup brings hands-on experiences, non-traditional pairings like space & theater and marine life & music, and cool chemistry on stage!

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The schedule includes:

September 18: Bugs on Wheels: Amazing Arthropods

Live tarantulas, giant millipedes, docile hissing cockroaches, stunning walking sticks and much more will amaze audiences in “Bugs on Wheels: Amazing Arthropods”, a hands-on, interactive presentation! Presenters from the Cockrell Butterfly Center at the Houston Museum of Natural Science will be bringing a selection of living insects and other arthropods to The Center. Attendees of all ages will have a rare opportunity to meet the most unusual members of the insect world while learning about their native habitats and unique adaptations for survival.

November 6: Apollo: To the Moon

Apollo: To the Moon is an exciting look at the breathtaking risks and unforgettable heroism of the American space program. Told through the lens of one young man’s dream to become an astronaut, this thrilling one-man performance takes audiences on the journey that gripped the nation and gave space-lovers the courage to dream BIG!

March 5: The Aquarium: A Marine Micro Ballet

The Aquarium is a creation of Susan McDonald in which she combines original music with footage of wildlife, creating sublime live performances in which she is the “orchestra” and the animals are the “dancers.” The subjects are live animals who seem to dance to her music, while in reality, Susan has composed her music to flow naturally with the movements of the animals. While a bit of creative editing is involved, the animals have given their approval by acting beautifully, humorously and even sometimes outrageously.

The Aquarium features the strange and funny occupants of a saltwater reef aquarium, with characters such as the cranky little Pom Pom Crab, the fabulously creative Decorator Crab and the bright red and very active Serpent Star.

April 9: Cool Chemistry on Stage!

Have a blast (literally!) witnessing demonstrations of combustion, color changes, and polymers, and watching the incredible effects of liquid nitrogen! This exciting presentation takes an in-depth look at chemical changes and states of matter, observing various types of reactions and the byproducts created.

From seeing a “stoplight” reaction and learning how luminol works to examining the special properties of lycopodium, the wonders of chemistry will amaze participants. Discover all the fascinating ways we use chemistry in our daily lives, as we show you how fireworks get their color, why diapers are so absorbent, and what makes a car go!